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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Benefits of Oolong Tea

If I would be given a chance to choose between coffee & tea..i would definitely go for the TEA. Reason why? Its simple..I LIKE tea. Which normally I consume after meals(lunch esp), during breakfast or tea time. There are many kinds of tea which is me too not so sure.. Just to list down some of them which are familiar to me. The black tea, the green tea, jasmine tea, the ginseng tea, the Oolong tea & many others. 

Speaking about the Oolong tea I just realize its benefit. Some of the benefits are:
  •  Reduce cholesterol
  • Fat burning
  • Prevent heart ailment
  • Treatment for digestive disorder
  • Promote longevity by stimulating body function & strengthen the body immune system
  • Healthier & stronger bones. Protect against osteoporosis as well as protect against tooth decay
*For more details on the benefits & information please refer to this link.

Tak sangka pulak there are many benefits of it.
So guys, lets drink tea for healthier life;)

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