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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Saya Nak Kurus & Ramping!

Pic credit to Google image

When I say,"Saya nak kurus!" does not mean nak kurus like Victoria Beckam. That's too skinny & scary. Huhu. Kurus for me is have my body before I was pregnant. If talk about weight I'm nearly get my weight just before being preggy. But the problem now is..LEMAK di sad :(

How to get rid of those belly fat? Ppl will normally suggest for dieting or workout in the gym..but that is not so me. It's my weakness of having a consistent workout. I just can't commit to it.huhu. That's why LELEMAK ni very hard to get away.Serve you right Ida :(. 

Though, no matter how many reasons i gave not to workout or start dieting..I know I still have to.huhuhu.Nangis sampai kuar air hidung pun tak guna.The fat is still there & accumulating..huhu that's scary..So I came into conclusion I need to do something..A plan which will be done..slowly..with a minimal effort but CONSISTENTLY...

First, I would go for a diet regime. It's not diet tak makan..but diet with a healthy food. How will I do that?
  • Ovoid/minimize taking the deep fried food. I'd go more for the sauteed food
  • Avoid the white bread & go for the wheat bread
  • Replace margarine/shortening with butter whipped together with the olive oil
  • Less/minimize rice for dinner
  • Consume more fruits & less sugar/fatty/dairy based product
OK that's it..quite a long list to me to commit...huhuhu..As for the exercise.. I would not go for the extreme. I would just applied for 3 simple steps (refer to the picture below; credit to Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research) for my belly.

Of course all of this plan with minimal effort would take sometimes for an appealing result. Just hope I can commit with consistency & the result would make me happy. Ape yang penting? SABAR!

Nak perut mcm ni bole tak?  
(Pic credit to Google Image)

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