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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, 27 May 2011


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A few days ago one of my colleague did say about wrinkle on my face. Quite a shock for me as I didn't notice any wrinkle on my face. Later, when I got back from the office I did spend about an hour in front of my dressing table just to find the wrinkle. The "LINE" which haunted me!

Did a thorough check on my face I did found a few lines on my forehead. Just a few "fine lines". Or should I called them as forehead wrinkle :(?no no no....I'd more prefer to call it the "fine lines" and sounds better heh:).. Wondering why i didn't notice those fine lah name pun "fine lines" right?..makes me worried. huhu [~]

I did some research on the net and I found that there are some factors that lead to the formation of forehead wrinkle. To mention some of it, genetics, free radical formation, exposure to the smoke of the cigarette, collagen loss & even how often you make face expression caused a wrinkle! And lastly, the most important factor is the AGE. No matter how healthy the body is & what diet do we follow, sooner or later we will definitely succumb to the inevitability of old age. As we grow older we'll find the skin will be less supple & less hydrate.

Considering my age now...will be on my 29th this year.. I should start to apply skin care product to protect my skin from early signs of age beside taking some supplements & more on fruits... ngeee.. As for the skin care regime.. I will go for SimplySiti C Bright Simply 5 cream, its Dual Serum & mask. Most of the reviews I've read showed some positive effect on the skin. Will update my review later on the product;)

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